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Meet the masters of whisky appreciation behind Cask Trade.

Meet the masters of whisky appreciation behind Cask Trade.

“We are entrepreneurs, collectors and whisky enthusiasts. And eager to share our passion and expertise. We believe that by doing things differently, we can make a difference.”


‘The Keeper’

Colin is a Keeper of the Quaich, and sits on the judging panel at the Whisky Awards. Lately, he has also become a television personality. – As presenter and producer of ‘The Three Drinkers’ on Amazon Prime.

Colin was born in Scotland, where he attended the University of Edinburgh. Among his many skills, he is a professional and artistic photographer for the National Portrait Gallery, Conde Nast, and Lux. He is also a journalist for The Times, FT and The Scotsman. As well as an editor of the Whisky Quarterly magazine, and Drink Me magazine. Besides his regular appearances in print and on television, Colin is also a presenter on Whiskyradio.com and contributes to several podcasts.

Colin Hampden-White


‘The Trader’

Lee has over a decade of experience in the drinks trade, having sold thousands of whisky casks over the years. He started his career in sales at Jeroboams. Then quickly progressed into management at the iconic Milroy’s of Soho. Where he took part in the store returning to independent ownership. Milroy’s is renowned as one of London’s oldest whisky merchants.

Lee was responsible for dealing with distilleries, distributors and clients. And also lead the team sourcing and bottling casks under Milroy’s own label. After leaving Milroy’s, Lee went on to work for the award-winning Woolfsung Wine & Spirits Merchant. He built a private and trade in-bond cask sales division. Furnishing many brokers and independent bottlers with casks of all ages from many well-known distilleries.

Lee has also advised on various media projects. Working alongside publications such as the Financial Times, Esquire and BBC Radio 2 and sharing his knowledge on emerging brands. As well as advising on the increasingly lucrative whisky cask market.

Lee is now regarded as one of the industry’s leading independent specialists for the sourcing and valuation of casks.


'The Collector'

Simon is an experienced entrepreneurial angel and investor. He has helped get tech start-ups, medical technology and agricultural ventures around the world off the ground. He is highly experienced in financial modelling, fund management and building companies.

Simon started his first company in 1990. He sold it in 2011, after acquiring a further six more companies. In 1995, he started a commercial property company as an owner and landlord of five office blocks. Those were located in up and coming areas in London, selling out in 2012. As a whisky collector for over 20 years, Simon has acquired over 50 casks and 2000 bottles.

He soon discovered that this ‘hobby’ provided a wonderful business opportunity for trading casks. Simon was intrigued by how rare whisky is surpassing other alternative asset classes, such as art, classic cars and rare wine. And quickly became inspired to more fully understand the whisky market and the risks involved. He brings a wealth of experience to the business. Especially in understanding due diligence and risk management.