Cask Ownership Guide

The complete guide for private clients and trade/independent bottlers.

The complete guide for private clients and trade/independent bottlers.


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Scotch Whisky is exported to 180 markets worldwide, and 42 bottles are shipped every second. UK whisky sales are set to see a 6% increase to £2.44 billion by 2022. Export value of Scotch Whisky in 2019 was £4.91bn, +£208m compared with 2018. Some countries have increased their import of scotch whisky by 150% over 18 months. Scotch whisky is truly a global phenomenon. (source TSWIR).

There are currently 20 million casks of whisky maturing in Scottish bonded warehouses, with Scotch accounting for 21% of the United Kingdom’s entire food and drinks exports. Within three years, over 30 new distilleries have been founded and several legendary closed distilleries restored to full working condition.

Recently these distilleries have seen cask sales as a source of early revenue. Un-aged casks of new-make spirit can cost in excess of £6,000. Our starting price for casks is £1,500 for three-year-old whisky from well-established distilleries.



Casks of Scotch are by law stored in HMRC approved warehouses in Scotland, commonly at the distillery they were distilled. Records of every cask must be kept and movement from the warehouse is licensed. As part of this process, each cask has a unique paper trail known as a delivery order.


At Cask Trade we only sell entire casks. We strongly believe purchasing a portion heightens the risk. Should you wish to purchase a cask as a group we will require one main holder.


Excellent Returns
A variety of options to suit all budgets and profit goals.

Unique and Limited
Each cask is unique, and it's definitely not something you could by online! No two casks will ever be the same.

Maturating in Value
Time is on your side. Whisky only matures in the cask. The older and more mature a whisky, the greater the value.

Safe and Secure
Casks can only be held in government bonded warehouses and cannot be faked or fabricated.

Delicious Asset
Whisky casks are a physical, tangible asset that you own. You can sample them, trade them or even bottle them!

Profit Realisation
Our 5 in-house exit strategies and global client base ensure a hassle-free exit when the time comes to sell your cask.


Can I visit my cask?
Yes. Some bonded warehouses allow you to visit your cask, and where this is not possible, we can arrange for your cask to be moved.

Can I request samples?
Yes! You can request samples of your whisky cask. You can also request a regauge to give an update on your cask's maturation.

What are the storage charges?
Not much. Storage costs between 20 and 30 pence a week, but may vary depending on the warehouse.

How can I insure my cask?
Some warehouses provide insurance against fire and theft. We can introduce you to insurance companies that can insure your whisky cask.

Can I Bottle My Cask?
Yes! Please bear in mind that duty and VAT are payable before your bottles leave a bonded warehouse.

How Do I Know it's Real?
Due to strict government control, each cask has a paper trail known as a 'Delivery Order' and a unique cask number.


You can also register to download a longer version of this guide